What to Do If You Hit a Dog With Your Car

Hitting an animal with your car is annoying to most people, but hitting a dog with your car can be worse.

It is a terrible feeling to know that someone’s pet was injured or killed in a car accident. Dealing with the consequences can ask you many questions. What is the best way to treat the injured dog? Who pays for the dog’s injuries? Does your car insurance pay for the repair of your vehicle? What are your legal obligations?

How to take care of the injured dog

Treating an injured dog after a car accident is a difficult situation. Wounded animals are unpredictable and may quickly become aggressive. You are afraid and disturbed. Never try to move an unknown injured dog. You could do more harm to the dog or put yourself in danger. If you are on a busy street and need to keep the dog away, putting a blanket or jacket over the injured dog can provide some protection that is sufficient for the animal to leave as a last resort.

  • Call the police or animal control. Wait for help to arrive. Don’t just drive, it’s not only cruel, but you could get into serious legal trouble depending on the laws of your state.
  • If you see a collar and can read it safely and effectively without endangering yourself, check to see if there is a name of the owner or veterinarian you can call.
  • If you need to move the dog, first try to hold it in one way or another.

Veterinary costs

Veterinary bills can add up quickly if a dog is hit by a car. The dog owner is usually responsible for deciding on the course of treatment and covering all costs. However, if the owner cannot be found, the cost may be borne by the person who brought the dog to the vet. It is best to call animal control or the police if you hit a dog. If you take an injured dog to the vet and you are unsure of the owner of the dog, ask him what to expect. Find out what is the standard procedure for this type of accident.

Repair your vehicle

If you don’t intentionally drive or neglect the dog, you probably won’t pay for the dog’s veterinarian, but what about the cost of repairing your vehicle?

Repairs for physical damage after beating an animal are covered by comprehensive car insurance coverage. If the animal is a dog, the claim may be treated differently. In most states, the insurance company will rescind the claim by suing, the dog’s owner if a collision with a dog raises a full claim. If you cannot find the owner, you must fully insure your vehicle so that your car insurance covers the damage.

It is said that the dog’s owner is to blame or responsible, for the dog should not be on the go at first. The dog owner’s insurance policy would make such a claim under your liability insurance. Liability claims generally have no deductible. However, a claim against an owner’s policy will surely be invoiced at the time of renewal. If you are not fully insured, you can contact the dog owner’s home insurance company directly to claim vehicle repair. The owner should take responsibility if a police report has never been submitted.

Beating your own dog can lead to a mistake that can lead to a collision claim. It is up to your insurance company to determine how the claim will be made.

Don’t leave an injured dog!

Panic and / or stress can make it easy to leave the scene where a pet is beaten, but it’s not the right thing to do. If you get caught, you could be listed for cruelty to animals. Do the right thing and make sure that the animal does not suffer any further injuries. Nobody wants to face the consequences of a car accident with a dog,
but it is their responsibility to deal with the situation as best as possible.