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Why America Needs Leadership, Not HOT AIR?


If, we hope to restore America, to the vision, of our Founding Fathers, which includes all the Constitutional guarantees, especially, regarding freedoms, rights, and liberty, for all, voters must demand more from those, we elect, as well as from themselves, in terms of asking more relevant questions, and paying attention to the details, of the overall recommendations, and plans! Haven’t we had more than enough, of this, HOT AIR, where bluster, rhetoric, and vitriol, seem to have become, the norm? Why aren’t we voting, based on a candidate’s qualifications, visions, ideas, abilities, and quality of character, instead of their empty rhetoric, promises, and unrealistic, populist proclamations? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, at this specific point, in – time, it is a necessity.

1. Healing; head/ heart; humane: The only way, we’ll be able, to bring our nation together, for the greater good, is to emphasize healing, with the focus on a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds! This means, a leader must, use the finest, emotional, as well as logical, personal components, in a head/ heart balance! Don’t all our citizens deserve, to be treated, in a more humane, understanding manner?

2. Options; opportunities; organized; open – mind: Instead of proceeding, with the mindset, of, My way, or the highway, we would be better served and represented, when various options and alternatives, were thoroughly considered, with an open – mind! The finest opportunities, must be recognized, and taken advantage of, and genuine leaders, proceed in an organized manner, in order to bring people together!

3. Truth; trust; timely; time – tested; trends: Instead of limiting one’s potential, by only considering the same – old, same – old, our nation needs leaders, who identify, understand, and consider, which (if, any) trends, might help the United States, in a relevant, and sustainable manner! We need to trust these leaders, but, when they avoid the truth (as we’ve witnessed, in recent years), and procrastinate, when proceeding in a well – considered, timely way, is a necessity! While some things, need to be changed, and/ or, tweaked, this does not mean, reinventing – the – wheel, when a time – tested, approach/ possibility, is a priority!

4. Attitude; attention; articulate; aptitude; actions: There has been far too much negativity, when we would be far better served, when our public officials, consistently, proceeded, with a positive, can – do, attitude! They must be willing to closely, pay attention, to everything, relevant, and articulate an inspiring, motivating message! Meaningful service requires developing a well – developed, relevant, sustainable aptitude, and skill – set, and is ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with the best possible, strategic and action plan!

5. Integrity; ideas; ideology; imagination; innovate; ideals: We need far less lying, and more, genuine integrity! Their ideas must align with the core ideology, of this country, and the official must possess a well – developed, imagination, and the ability to innovate, in accordance with our national ideals!

6. Relevant; reliable; responsive; responsible; respect: There must be mutual respect, between leaders, and constituents, even when they disagree! The best should be, relevant, reliable, responsive, and responsible leadership, which addresses, both the expected issues, as well as the more challenging ones, such as the environment, economy, health care, etc.

Wake up, America, and demand an end, to the endless, HOT AIR! We can, and must, demand better!